How to Find Cheap Solar Panels

A friend of mine told me that he wanted to install solar panels on his roof. He said it was a big letdown because it was way too pricey. It would take him 15 years for him to retrieve the costs in energy savings. So I decided to do a research on this topic and came up with a small list on how to reduce the cost.

If you’ve ever passed through some highway construction sites, you probably noticed some signs that are solar powered. More often than now these signs will get chipped or cracked by drunk drivers passing through so they become unsafe and must be replaced. These panels have to go somewhere so certain companies can either sell them or just give them away. So the next time you drive by them, stop, and examine the signs. You’ll notice a sticker with the phone number of the sign rental contractor. Write them down.

Go see them and ask for the shop manager or the head mechanic and ask him for free damaged panels. Convincing them to give you expensive hardware won’t be easy so be friendly, and offer to pay for the damaged panels even though they probably won’t charge you at all. If they do, remember to bargain.

Once you’ve have your cheap / free solar panels it’s time to see if they’re worth your time and money. Even the oldest solar panels can still create energy. Start repairing the damaged panels if needed. If you just don’t have the time, just take the best looking solar panels and pat yourself on the back for finding a great deal. Even if you paid for your solar panels, remember that you saved hundreds of dollars. Good Job!